Srinivas Iyengar Ramanujan was an Indian self taught genius, and was probably the only one of his kind. Scribbling, crossing, erasing, he spent most of his childhood in the alcoves of the Narasimha swamy Temple. His devotion to mathematics was such, it was often told that he loved numbers more than people. While he discovered a new theorem almost every day or perhaps even hour, he claimed Namagiri, the goddess he devoted, to appear in his dreams and let know of the theorems. Nonetheless, his genius could never be questioned. …

Image courtesy: NIH Publications

Water drops floating on water may be the queeriest thing youve ever heard, but this isn’t as queer as it might sound, in fact this phenomenon occurs all the time! From raindrops falling on puddles to the coffee that you might be drinking while you read this!

“I have also a paper afloat, with an electromagnetic theory of light, which till I am convinced to the contrary, I hold to be great guns”-James Clerk Maxwell

Electromagnetism, in fact, is a great gun. The inventions of the near past ranging from microwave ovens to mobile phones to bullet trains, everything is based on the principles of electromagnetism. Each of these everyday go-to devices packs some really complex mechanisms inside of them, transistors, semiconductors, transformers and it goes on. …

Entropy and disorder have been deemed the same for long in research papers, journals, videos and what not! Entropy has been demonstrated by orderly structures that gradually get disordered over time, i.e referring back to the idea of entropy as the universe’s tendency to get more disorderly over time. This has been an anachronism ever since the theory of quantised energy states was introduced.

Entropy was first introduced in relation to the general equation of reversible change by Clausius, but its relation to disorder wasn’t introduced until the introduction of Boltzmann’s curve of distributions of velocities, and it seemed to…


Junior Research Scientist; Indian Young Physicists’ Tournament 2021 national top 17; Lover of quantum theory and abstract algebra

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